Become an Alberta4All Gold Volunteer

Dear fellow every day Albertans,

We need your help and it takes volunteers of all kinds to help us get there.

It’s time to “Get Common Sense Independence Done.

The East has been lost but there is still time to save Alberta and what’s left of Canada when it was in its glory.

Freedom over tyranny is not free or easy. We must fight for it.

We must build a movement for all Albertans.

Here is a list of Alberta4All volunteers we need right now to change the course of Alberta history, and the list will grow as we grow in numbers.


  • Provincial Volunteer Coordinator
  • Common Sense Plan Province-Wide Meeting Organizer
  • Public Town Hall Events Coordinator
  • Volunteer Trainer
  • Video Editor
  • Video Camera Guy
  • Bookkeeper
  • Advertising/Billboard/Press Release Coordinator
  • Common Sense Plan and Policy Researcher(s)
  • Constitution Writing Coordinator
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Executive Assistant to the Executive Director – Calgary
  • Social Media Meme Writers and Graphics Creators
  • Article Writers
  • Music Coordinator
  • Policy Research Helper(s)

IMMEDIATE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS (all across all 87 Ridings in Alberta)

  • Riding Leader Coordinator
  • Local Town Hall Coordinator
  • Town Hall Volunteers/Helpers
  • Riding Volunteer Coordinator
  • Petition Volunteers to help get signatures
  • Door Knockers
  • Brochure and Print Media Delivery Volunteers
  • Specific Topic Rally Attendees
  • MLA Pressure Rally Volunteers
  • Social Media Meme Forwarders
  • Phone Callers to phone Alberta4All Supporters
  • Helpers to Help Organize an Event
  • Fundraisers

If there is something you can do, but don’t see it listed, register and tell us what you would like to do. We will make it happen.

Don’t Wait. Take Action.

Only everyday Albertans will achieve a Republic. This is not about political stripe.

An Alberta Republic eliminates all that anyway, and for good reason. There is room for All Albertans.

We need you to help and volunteer to win. It’s ultimately up to you. All positions and efforts are part-time, big or small, whatever time you can offer. We know you have regular lives, and that many of you are struggling just to get by.

Do what you can. To volunteer to help Albertans win, and also be rewarded with access to the volunteer benefits available, Register on this page, and we will get you started and share with you the additional benefits of volunteering.

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