High River Town Hall

July 9, 2020 | 7 - 10 PM
Carlson's on Macleod 129 3 Ave SW

It's time for a Bold New Direction for Alberta. Do you have fears of reaching our destiny of becoming and independent Republic of Alberta? Want to just find out whether independence is right for Albertans? Want to know our options and what the benefits are of becoming our own nation so you can make your mind up for yourself?

Here’s what you will learn at the High River Town Hall:

Why 1905 has kept Alberta a colony within Canada

Alberta's Options

Albertans’ 3 greatest fears about Independence and why they are our greatest strength

The 3 fundamental problems facing Alberta within Canada and why they are entrenched and unfixable

Why Alberta Independence is the best option for Alberta, and for the rest of Canada

The benefits of Independence versus fighting for the status quo

The Alberta4All Vision for Alberta

The Common Sense Plan for Alberta Independence and the timeline

The 4 key pillars of The Republic Advantage

What’s In It for You … the Benefits of Independence for you, your family and future generations

...and much, much More

Limited Seating. Register Now. If for no other reason, do it for your children and future generations of Albertans, while we still can.

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