CALGARY, ALBERTA (June 4, 2020) –  Alberta4All demands the UCP provincial government act immediately and support our call to build 450 MW to 900 MW new power capacity, using environmentally efficient low cost coal fired generation such as the modern available technology used at Genesee/Keephills 3 power plants currently in operation. This will put 1000s of Albertans back to work, eliminate imported power from Montana and Saskatchewan, bring back the low cost power Alberta advantage removed from past punitive and costly policies of the previous NDP government, and put Albertans first. Additional capacity built with an accelerated CCA tax structure will ensure competitive new capacity for the benefit of all Alberta businesses and Albertans.


It is estimated this project would create 2000-4000 construction jobs, and on start-up create 500 to 1000 full-time long term high paying jobs plus additional work for coal extraction, and likely divert coal sent to China currently being burned, to make Alberta more competitive.


Today, Alberta continues to import 300-600 MW of high cost electricity from Montana, BC and Saskatchewan while coal fired plants in Sundance sit idle keeping Albertans out of work. As a result, the coal from idle Alberta coal plants is sold and shipped to China, generates low cost coal fired electricity and employment for China, increasing China’s competitiveness, while hundreds of thousands of Albertans sit idle and unemployed. Alberta businesses and everyday Albertans suffer with higher electricity prices.


Since 2015, the average pool price has risen and cost Albertans over $40/MWh more due to higher costs of grid power under Notley’s leadership, also paying a premium of 62% over the average $58/MWh pool price for imported power. Eliminating imported power, and building additional environmentally efficient coal fired generation will not only eliminate the imported power premium, it will reduce the overall pool price, make Alberta businesses more competitive, reduce Albertans’ cost of living, and create opportunity for Alberta to export low cost power.


Furthermore, the UCP recently increased the Industrial Emitters carbon tax, making Alberta even more uncompetitive, in sync with the punitive federal Liberal government’s carbon taxation from $30/ton to $50/ton after Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal government ignored the Alberta Court of Appeal decision declaring the Trudeau carbon tax unconstitutional.


It is time that the UCP government reverse the uncompetitive policies of the previous Notley government, declare “force majeure” against punitive federal government climate change and resource development policies, build additional low cost capacity generation, act for Albertans first, and put Albertans back to work. No compromise. It’s time for Albertans to win.

For further information on this press release or to find out more call: CW Alexander, Executive Director at (403) 805-0143 or email [email protected].

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