CALGARY, ALBERTA (June 12, 2020) – Alberta4All calls on the Calgary City Council and UCP provincial government to act immediately and issue a public statement of the list of companies who have been screened for selection as preferred contractors list for construction of the $4.5 Billion Calgary Green Line LRT, and additionally in particular the preferred tunnelling contractors. Alberta4All further calls on both governments to make a public statement that 100% of the work and jobs will be filled by Albertans and that Alberta Contractors are First. 

Given the Green Line LRT scope and distance traveled proposed has been significantly reduced limiting the north route to 16 Avenue, and eliminating the portion in the Calgary-Klein riding up to 64 Avenue North indefinitely, and also limiting the expansion to the south, it is imperative that Calgarians fully understand why there is a need for the high cost of tunnelling across the Bow River. Other Cities such as Vancouver use above ground elevated systems, particularly given it is the 21st century and the norm. 

Tunnels are expensive and add a significant risk to the project that Calgarians can’t afford to take in these times.Eliminating tunnel costs and creating an elevated route as the crow flies from Inglewood to Centre St may eliminate risk, and add additional green line extension to meet Calgarians’ needs in both north and south Calgary.

With an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 Albertans out of work, Albertans deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent, who these dollars may be spent with to build the green line LRT, and that Albertans will be first in line to work on projects using Alberta government funds, not out-of-province workers hired by out-of-province contractors.

Alberta sends net $41 Billion every year to Ottawa that never returns. It is also important for Albertans to know that the $1.5 Billion of federal funds provided by the Liberal government come with no strings attached.

“Something is fishy here…and my bet is it’s not in the best interest of Albertans. We’ve seen out-of-province contractors before. We’ve seen SNC-Lavalin special deals with Trudeau dealings with money spent in Alberta that is really our own money. 

Cronyism has to stop at all levels, and it’s time to eliminate the political favours that come with government funding. That’s not how Albertans want to do business. Full disclosure will take away the speculation or confirm it, one way or the other,” says CW Alexander, Alberta4All Executive Director. It’s time to put Albertans first, and put Albertans back to work. No compromise. It’s time for Albertans to win.

For further information on this press release or to find out more call: CW Alexander, Executive Director at (403) 805-0143 or email [email protected].

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