About the Executive Director

CW – Passionate Committed Alberta Patriot

CW is committed to making Alberta strong, free and independent to provide a great and prosperous future for his 3 children, and future generations and is a driving force in CW’s passion for Alberta Independence.

In 2018, tired of seeing a broken confederation tirelessly act in conflict with the interests of Alberta. CW decided along with 43 other passionate Albertans to found the Alberta Independence Party. His passion led him to run as an MLA Candidate in the 2019 Alberta provincial election, after acting as Board Member and Political Strategy Director of the Independence Party of Alberta.

With further research of history, past dealings with politicians, CW saw that the inherent problems facing Alberta and Albertans are institutional and constitutional in nature, making the differences between Alberta and the rest of Canada entrenched and unfixable, which combined with the tyrannical nature of unequal representation and differences politically, culturally and economically only strengthened CW’s resolve for Alberta Independence.

It is because of this resolve combined with the desire to bring together a unified movement for Alberta Independence with foundation principles of a true Alberta narrative for the people of Alberta, that CW stepped away from the Independence Party to become non-affiliated with any political party to pursue the vision and goal of Alberta4All to bring its vision of a Bold New Direction for Alberta.

CW – The Business Leader

CW graduated as a chemical engineer and continuing building his skills in marketing, business transactions, engineering, project management, business development, inner city real estate development and financing coupled with exceptional creative entrepreneurial skills, CW Alexander has over 35 years of experience as a director, operator and advisor to numerous companies, always seeking new ways of creating change in the world.

CW Alexander graduated as a chemical engineer with a marketing and business background with demonstrated exceptional expertise in start-up and execution of multiple new businesses leveraging cross industry knowledge and skills.

CW has a remarkable ability to identify new business development opportunities across Oil Sands, Oil and Gas, refining, chemicals, power generation, construction, environmental and water technology, real estate development, oil sands, natural gas liquids, industrial gases, training, financings and pipeline sectors ensuring value propositions are material and align with priorities.

CW is a technically advanced Market Development Executive Leader with innate ability to understand customer needs with creative skills to commercialize new products to existing and new clientele, and currently holds interests in a number of different real estate development interests, and is a driving force in Alberta’s battle for Independence, as Executive Director with Alberta4All.

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