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The "Great Alberta Reset" is now here. It was announced June 19, 2020 at the Edmonton Legislature Grounds, as we move towards becoming the #1 GDP Per Capita Nation on Earth as a New Republic of Alberta.


It’s time for a Bold New Direction for Alberta.

While times have changed nothing has changed for Alberta’s role in Canada.

Since 1905 Albertans have fought for equal representation, in what is now a parliamentary democracy and constitutional political party monarchy system designed by the Eastern political elites to work against Alberta, as Canada was moulded prior to 1905 by Wilfrid Laurier prior and later by in 1982 by Pierre Elliott Trudeau to entrench the creation of Canada by two provinces (Quebec/Ontario) for the benefit of two provinces.

Albertans from every generation have tried to fix the tyranny Alberta has gone through since 1905. From Wilfrid Laurier in 1905 to equalization in 1957 to P.E. Trudeau in 1982, to a Reform Party that wanted in, to a Prime Minister Harper who couldn’t fix it, and even today some who believe a new “fair deal” and reform of the Constitution itself can change Alberta’s role in a system that no longer works. It’s all just “playbook politics” by the political elites and career politicians to keep Alberta in its place.

The system of tyranny is entrenched, and unfixable.

It’s time for Alberta to “cut bait.”

Albertans have had enough and a new beginning is ahead.

Albertans, while proud of the Canada they knew, see it has changed, and while many Albertans still hold some sense of being Canadian, the simple truth is it isn’t the Canada we remember being proud of any longer.

In fact, there are significant cultural and economic distinctions from the rest of Canada that have existed since 1905 and are still relevant today.

The Alberta economy is fundamentally based on high economic GDP per capita value agricultural and resource extraction (oil and gas) able to extract vast wealth with a 4.3 million population combined with a political culture generally dominated by both small-“c” and large-“C” conservative politics and economics. This compares to the rest of Canada which has lower economic GDP per capita value manufacturing and government base and tends to significantly favor more left-of-center policies and parties.




GDP Per Capita

Relative Age

Skill Level


Political Culture

Net Taxes Sent to Ottawa


Resource Extraction, Agriculture

$350 Billion

4.3 million






$41 Billion Every Year

Rest of Canada

Manufacturing & Government

$1350 Billion

33.3 million





left-of-centre policies


Albertans are quickly realizing their love for their Alberta outweighs the energy needed to fight for a Canada that isn’t the Canada they once were willing to fight for.
In fact now the majority of Albertans maintain that Albertans have never turned their back on Canada, but instead realized we’re almost all that remains of Canada as it was in its glory, setting aside the deep resentments in inequality between Alberta and the system designed for the benefit of the East.

The Alberta economic and political differences with the rest of Canada have reached an epic point in history where no matter how much Alberta improves its businesses, economic GDP and friendly tax policies, the benefit of it is returned to the East, to subsidize social policies of the East that are incongruent with Albertans, and also subsidize a highly taxed business environment of the East that wouldn’t otherwise be sustainable on its own.

The Problem

Alberta faces 3 "SIC" Problems that are entrenched and unfixable:

Alberta Is a Colony of Canada (Structural)

Since 1905, Alberta has been established as a colony for the benefit of the East, under-represented at all levels of Parliament and Senate, and further entrenched with a constitution and equalization system that ensures centralized government authority and power, not in the political, cultural or economic interest of Alberta.

Constitutional Monarchy Doesn’t Serve the People (Institutional)

Canada is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, that entrenches a non-grassroots system not designed for government by the people, that promotes control by political elites, foreign interest infiltration, political parties, career politicians, bureaucrats, and alignment of special interests behind political alliances.

Furthermore, provincial political parties align with federalist interests to further centralize power in the East, putting Albertans’ interests beneath the interests of the rest of Canada. This problem is not specific for Alberta, but also a significant problem for every other province

Alberta’s Interests Are Different than the Rest of Canada (Cultural)

Alberta’s political, social and economic interests are no longer aligned with the rest of Canada and continue to diverge as Ottawa’s interests are becoming more aligned with global interests versus the Common Sense principles Albertan’s hold dear.

Furthermore, the governance of Canada by the political elites and career politicians no longer represents conservative, fiscally prudent, socially pragmatic principles that are common sense to most Albertans, instead with astronomical debt levels, out of control immigration policies, and destructive economic and regulatory policies, not in Albertans’ interest, both in the short and long term.

Albertans are coming to realize that Ottawa, the Laurentians and the rest of Canada is not on our side, and that Alberta has tried politically to change its role since 1905 but has always been discounted.

The bottom line is the East and Ottawa will always act in a way is for the benefit of Ottawa, not Alberta’s, plus the East has taken a path to becoming a socialist nation state, again not in the interest of Alberta, but at the expense of Albertans. Quite simply the rest of Canada needs Alberta. Alberta doesn’t need Canada.

In conclusion the fundamental problems are structural, institutional, cultural and all tyrannical in nature that would require a monumental shift by the rest of Canada to satisfy a more than capable Alberta.

Things will never fundamentally change, until we as Albertans make the change for ourselves. The federalists count on us being patient and tolerate small changes, and delaying meaningful change just long enough for each generation to give up. That’s why we are where we are, always settling while our true potential remains untapped, and our future generations left to fight again. Enough of the abuse. It’s our self-respect as Albertans on the line here now.

It’s time for a Bold New Direction for Alberta

The Alberta Government Must Be Held to Account

Alberta4All has a well thought out strategy for long lasting change for Albertans. It is time to implement it and
“Get Common Sense Independence Done.”

The newly elected Premier of Alberta campaigned on a promise of:

Standing up to Ottawa on matters important to Albertans

making a grassroots guarantee to work on behalf of Albertans and our desires;

holding a referendum on Equalization; and

legislating citizen-initiated referenda on all issues important to Albertans, setting the stage for Albertans to decide on their future within Canada, by holding a referendum on Alberta Independence to form our own new nation.

The new elected Alberta government also packaged the old Harper 2001 Alberta agenda of firewall autonomy for Alberta in its Fair Deal Panel tour.

So far, the actions of Alberta government have been less than grassroots, less than stellar, 100% federalist, and nothing more than continued delay, with an outspoken leader firmly planted as a federalist career politician, publicly stating he is a nationalist and won’t act ultimately for Albertans’ wishes and interests. This is not in the interest of everyday Albertans.

This represents everything wrong with Canada and why Alberta must leave to truly be strong and free, for not only this generation, but our children and our children’s children.and the future generations of Albertans.

It’s time to “Take Alberta back” with a grassroots approach that works for every day Albertans.

The Solution

It’s time for a Bold New Direction for Alberta.

It’s time for a new Republic of Alberta.

For the last 115 years the fight for independence has endured. Now more than ever the benefits of independence far outweigh the benefits of fighting for reform or the status quo, and the risks of independence are far less than the risks of staying.

Ultimately, it’s up to Albertans to decide on their future, but it’s also for leaders to lead with a vision of what is possible for Alberta.
The vision for Alberta is to become the #1 GDP per capita country on earth (the #1 Wealthiest Direct Democracy on Earth), ahead of Norway as a prosperous, independent and free nation, founded on principles of equality, opportunity for all, strength, freedom and the ability to thrive with common sense government by the people for the people, an Alberta for all Albertans.

The Republic of Alberta will thrive with the Republic Advantage based on its 4 key pillars in its bold new direction, namely;

The People Advantage

Alberta can achieve the advantage of becoming One Alberta as it recognizes and captures the full people potential of all Albertans.

The Independence Economic Advantage

Focused on maximizing the value of Alberta’s key strengths, combined with Albertans’ first business and people friendly strategies, the lowest taxes and a robust diversified economic strategy, Alberta will be a powerhouse of economic strength to achieve its full potential.

The Constitutional, Electoral and Judicial Advantage

Alberta will have its own constitution that will protect our fundamental freedoms, built to last, with elected non-partisan elected representatives who will represent the people or be recalled and fired, with talented business leaders hired to implement efficiently and effectively the needs of Albertans. Alberta's own judicial system will ensure we have laws that protect citizens, not criminals.

The Financial Institution Advantage

Alberta will control its own currency and institutions with monetary and fiscal policies designed for Albertans, that maximize the benefit back to Albertans.

Some say that Alberta is landlocked, and can’t be its own country. Switzerland has been landlocked for 1000 years and it is the #2 GDP per capita country on earth. Our Common Sense Plan has the way to unlock our true potential and that ensures we are a country with tidewater access.

The power of the “Republic Advantage” will be prosperous enough to allow every Albertan to pursue their individual dream while policies will be set up and established that will be the most stringent on planet earth to protect the environment, our parks and natural landscape, and eliminate pollution of our lands and watershed, to ensure long term stewardship of our pristine Alberta for generations to come.

Alberta4All has a Bold New Direction for Alberta.

Join the Alberta4All Movement and be a part of the solution. Click Here to Join.

No career politician will ultimately work for Alberta. It’s everyday Albertans who will solve the problems for the sake of our kids and future generations.

Alberta4All has the vision and plan.

The first step is we need you to Join the Alberta4All Movement to make it happen along with countless Albertans already committed to an independent Republic of Alberta.

The power of the Alberta4All movement will far exceed any one individual party affiliation because the movement is about ALL Albertans coming together from all paths of life, and all political stripes.

One Alberta, no one left behind. An Alberta for All.

Don’t wait. Take Action and immediately get plugged into your local action committee already underway (the Society for a New Republic in your area, one of the 87 already forming in every corner of Alberta)  getting Common Sense Independence Done.

Join the Alberta4All Movement.

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